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Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our providers to learn more about each treatment and to develop a customized treatment plan for you. 


AKA Botox, wrinkle erasers. 

We carry all the available neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin and Daxxi); all of which help temporarily weaken muscle contraction and soften expression lines and wrinkles. Areas we can treat include: crows feet, 11's or scowl, forehead lines, bunny lines/wolf lines, chin pebbling/witch chin, droopy/downturned smile, neck laxity and crepeyness, decollate crepeyness, gummy smile, hooked nose, masseter muscle reduction, lip flip and more. You can resume normal activities within hours and results gradually appear within 3-14 days. Results last for 3 months.



Neuromodulator can also be used for hyperhidrosis. We can use it to significantly decrease underarm sweating. It can reduce sweating by ~85% and last anywhere from 4-12 months, and sometimes up to 14 months; results typically are notable in 4 days. 

When booking - please choose Botox/Jeuveau/Dysport. 



We use a special blend of skin brighteners, vitamins, and botox delicately stamped into your skin. The tiny micro-needles are designed to puncture the skin at a shallow depth, creating a controlled skin injury that rejuvenates your appearance with very little downtime, we will numb you so it will be painless.  You will be left with beautifully glowing skin, perfect for a special event in the next few days. This treatment is especially great to minimize pores, and help treat acne prone or oily skin, results can last up to 4 weeks. 

When booking, please book under "Microinfusion" under Skin and Hair Treatments. 



$1000/package of 3 treatments


We use a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers to combat volume loss and enhance your features, leaving you looking refreshed! Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies. We use HA fillers in places like the lips to get that perfect pout or to even add subtle hydration. We can help define your cheeks, and can help with volume loss in the lower face as well including naso-labial folds, marionette lines, smile lines, and more. We can also help treat fine lines with dermal fillers. We use a variety of numbing agents from topical ointments to lidocaine injections (dental block) to keep you comfortable. You may have some bruising and swelling after the procedure which is normal. Talk to us how you can optimize this treatment with the use of PRP!  Results last from 6-24 months. All our dermal fillers are done with enhanced safety measures and we offer complimentary ultrasound mapping or guidance. 


$1200/ 2 syringes

$1600/ 3 syringes

+$200 for PRP add on


The mini version of a dermal filler lip augmentation, in which we add just a subtle plump and hydration to the lips. This is a great option for a first timer, someone wanting their lips to look just a bit more hydrated, or to correct an asymmetry.

Results last from 6-24 months.



The goal of this regenerative procedure is to use your own body's power house growth factors to help rejuvenate the under-eye area and heal it from the inside out. It will help stimulate more collagen and thicken and smooth the skin to achieve a brighter under-eye area. With this treatment, we draw a small sample of your blood, centrifuge it and use the platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), AKA liquid gold; and place it into the under-eye with a cannula. Injected PRFM will remain in your under-eye area for days to weeks working its magic before it is reabsorbed by the body. In a few weeks you notice an improvement in skin color, texture and glow, however you will continue to see results of collagen synthesis for 3-9 months. We also add dermal filler for any volume loss, this is typically a very small amount. The dermal filler will give instant plumpness while the PRFM will work the long game in improving your skin quality under the eye, healing from the inside out. We finish the treatment off by also delicately stamping the mixture on top of your skin to infuse it and maximize the brightening potential. Optimized results are seen with a course of 3 treatments every 3-6 weeks. 


$1500/3 treatments

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