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We use a special blend of skin brighteners and vitamins which are delicately hand stamped into your skin. The tiny gold plated hollow bore micro-needles are designed to puncture the skin at a shallow depth, creating a controlled skin injury, while also micro-channeling the special serum into your skin at a deeper level. This rejuvenates your appearance with very little downtime, we will numb you so it will be painless.  You will be left with beautifully glowing skin, perfect for a special event in the next week. 


$500/package of 3 treatments

*We can add neuromodulator to significantly boost this treatment. Especially recommended for those with large pores, or oily or acne prone skin. We highly recommend this as it provides better and longer lasting results up to 8-12 weeks. + $200/treatment (+$500/package add on).

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