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Jigna Gandhi, NP-C is a board certified full practice nurse practitioner. She has been a nurse practitioner since 2015, and she has been a nurse since 2009, with past experience in family medicine, women's health, cardiology, and electrophysiology prior to her journey into aesthetics. She prides herself in truly caring for her patients and partners with them to achieve their goals. In her spare time she likes to collect houseplants, go on walks, read as many books as she can, and spend time with her friends and family, especially with her adorable son, Rohen (their favorite activity is reading bedtime stories like Chickapig - a story about following your dreams!), and newborn daughter Zuri. 


My Why

I became interested in aesthetics after receiving my own treatments and feeling a renewed sense of self confidence. I realized that I wanted to focus my efforts in preventative medicine, and aging gracefully. I want patients to feel uplifted and empowered, as I had felt. 


I also respect and appreciate the medical component of aesthetic treatments, it is a serious field and these procedures, though elective, are not without risk. After having suffered a minor complication of my own, I adopted the mantra of safety first, beauty second. I poured over research articles and began connecting with industry experts in order to learn from the best. This is why I will take the time to utilize every modality available to me to create aesthetically pleasing and safe results.


I don't believe in anti-aging, as it is impossible to not age, but I believe in utilizing a variety of well studied, evidenced based treatments in an ultra conservative way to help you age gracefully. I don't follow fashion trends, but instead focus on individualized goals with a sophisticated approach, I prefer to enhance rather than augment completely. My clients are not once and done, or price shopping for syringes, but feel comfortable knowing that I am obsessed with patient education and satisfaction and truly raising the bar in the field of medical aesthetics. Medicine can be devoid of organic relationships and a true partnership between the provider and client, it is important to me to garner a relationship with all of my clients. You can call me at any time and I will help. I aim to be a trusted partner in your care to ensure every time you leave our clinic, you do so with the trust and reassurance that you have made the best, educated decision for your treatments, with results that you love. 



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