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Smooth threads are made of PDO -  polydioxanone – a complex sugar, with a track record in safety. It’s been used for over a decade as a raw material in orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery for wound closure. It is an absorbable thread that is thinner than a strand of hair. We place Smooth Threads carefully and strategically below the skin; this acts like a micro-injury in the skin so the body can respond by adding structural proteins (collagen, elastin and fibrin) which results in smoother, more plump and youthful looking skin. Onset of effects depend on your body's collagen building, typically you see results in about 3 months. You may need a second or third treatment for optimal effects.

Best Part? Effects last for 1-2 years or longer! 


Common places to use smooth threads would be areas where you would want less crepey or loose skin in order to tighten or plump the area. Examples include: Above the eyebrow to help slightly tighten and slightly lift the brow, to soften wrinkles in the 11's or forehead/crows feet and radial cheek lines, cheeks to add volume, nasolabial folds to add volume as an alternative to filler; marionettes, above the lips to smooth out fine lines; chin hollows to add volume, along the jawline, in the midface, under the chin for crepey skin, in the neck to tighten skin - basically EVERYWHERE! Think of Smooth Threads like shrink wrap or spanx for the skin! Smooth threads can also be used in the fatty tissue as it can denature fat permanently. This is a great, safe alternative to Kybella or PCDC underneath the chin. 



*depending on the area(s) treated and size of the area. 

*Note these are not Lifting or Barbed threads that act like a facelift and help lift tissue; these are smaller smooth threads with minimal downtime and a great alternative to Botox/Filler.

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